Florian Ledermann is a researcher and developer based in Vienna, Austria. He has been producing things on the web since 1996 and first came into contact with geographical information systems as a researcher in augmented reality at Vienna University of Technology. Florian is the producer of „Senghor on the Rocks“, the internationally acclaimed first fully geo-referenced online novel, and has developed online geographic visualizations, web applications and information systems for customers ranging from small startup companies to large multinational institutions. Currently Florian is employed as a lecturer and researcher at Research Group Cartography at Vienna University of Technology.


Florian Ledermann
c/o TU Wien, Forschungsgruppe Kartographie
Erzherzog-Johann-Platz 1
1040 Wien

Maps & Projects

Genderatlas Austria 2014-2016

Online thematic atlas showing the gender equality situation in Austria (German only).

A map of the Alps, south up 2011

Attempt at creating a slightly unconventional base map from open data.

Senghor on the Rocks 2008

The first online novel consistently geo­referenced on Google Maps.


Efficient Filtering and Conversion of OpenStreetMap Files with Osmium October 2011

Some notes on my approach for processing a complete OSM planet dump on my 2008 laptop using the C++ based Osmium library.

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mapmap.js 2016

JavaScript thematic mapping library.

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