Senghor on the RocksAn animated geo-novel

Senghor on the Rocks is the first novel that has been annotated in its entirety with animated satellite imagery. The novel is presented online in an interface made up as a virtual book and every page of text is accompanied by a satellite view of the current location of the story. Readers experience the novel’s action as a journey on the map including smooth pannings from location to location as the characters travel around or different zoom-levels showing areas in close detail or as an overview.

Details about the technical and conceptual aspects of the project can be found in the paper published by the creators at the Conference for Electronic Literature in Europe “Senghor on the Rocks: A Georeferenced Electronic Novel“.

Wikipedia entry for the project.


Text: Christoph Benda
Graphic Design: Johannes Krtek / Flachware
Production & Implementation: Florian Ledermann