Efficient Filtering and Conversion of OpenStreetMap Files with Osmium October 2011

Some notes on my approach for processing a complete OSM planet dump on my 2008 laptop using the C++ based Osmium library.

A map of the Alps – Without borders, South up June 2011

Rendering South-up oriented map using opensource tools.

An interview on Vivir Bien, solidarity economy in Europe and informal ontologies June 2011

A few weeks ago I was interviewed on the topic of Vivir Bien, a platform for solidarity economy I am involved with. I cover a wide range of topics that may be interesting for a wider audience, so I edited the transcript she sent me to publish it here.


The Beauty Of The Earth’s Surface December 2009

Few things have impressed me more than the very first plain grayscale image I produced from SRTM elevation data.

Augmented Reality in „Print 2.0“ October 2009

It’s nice to see another project I have been involved with going live: The October issue of Red Bull’s “Red Bulletin” magazine features augmented reality content that supplements the printed articles. But see for yourself.

Arduino articulated plotting robot June 2009

As a first project and a first step towards much larger things we are planning at Maschinenring I came up with something that a) makes sense and b) can be done with a minimum of money (€10 if you already have an Arduino) and a main focus on programming: A two-joint articulated plotting robot.

So you have a design and “just” need programming? May 2009

A quick introduction on what is needed to successfully implement your design online. [German]


A weekend with the iPod touch March 2008

Last week I got myself an iPod touch.


Requirements for URL schemes for web applications. December 2007

I started with writing down the things that annoy me regarding how URLs are constructed elsewhere, added a few “nice to have” features and lessons learned from my own previous experiences and compiled a requirements list that URL schemes of web applications should meet.

On Procrastination November 2007

Of course you have experienced procrastination, everyone has I guess — and it can be frustrating at times. But is it really a call for self-discipline or productivity management techniques, as commonly suggested, or should you not rather listen carefully and even give in from time to time to the alarm signs of your brain that just doesn’t seem to want to work on the tasks you (or someone else) are trying to force it to?